In our yoga practice we are guided to inhale through the nostrils, to breath deep and to be present in the moment. These qualities align with and support the elements of essential oils. A certain smell can bring you to a distant memory, install a change of mood, shift your perspective or awaken the senses.
Founder of She Is Earth, Sarah has been using essential oils in her life for as long as she can remember, even as a child she loved how a certain smell could bring you to a whole new world.
As Sarah became more aware of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical benefits essential oils bring to her life she started making her own blends sharing them with friends and family and with her children. This is where she noticed the greatest impact, children are so pure and the shift in their behaviour was clear that the oils were having a positive impact on their wellbeing. As a mother of three young children Sarah found the space to return to work as a yoga teacher challenging as to physically teach yoga and sharing her energy so she began to create beautiful blends from home and this is where the magic begun, She Is Earth was birthed and a community has blossomed.
As a mother, partner, daughter, friend and so on Sarah felt the every day challenges of life to be sometimes overwhelming. Creating this business has assisted Sarah in more ways than one. It has given her the time and space to be creative, connect with nature and to share her love of essential oils with others. Sarah is passionate about post natal care and coming together as a community to support one another. 
The essential oils used are derived from plants, trees and flowers which are sourced in the most ethical and mindful way giving back to the communities in which they are best grown in. We are passionate about living a life of holistic value and honour the gift Mother Nature has provided us with. 
We truly wish that these beautiful gifts from nature can support you in your journey in life and know that each and every bottle is made with pure intention and love. 

She is Earth xo