She is Blessingway

A celebration of a woman's journey from growing her baby within her womb to birthing her baby and transitioning into a mother.

These spiritual ceremonies take place in a private space of your choice, where the birthing mother can feel held, connected and loved by her sisters around her.

How is a blessingway different to a baby shower?

A native Navajo tradition which include; meditation, chanting and support within a sacred ceremony used to provoke positive blessings for the mother as she bears the baby and transitions into raising a child. Blessingways are highly sacred and private inviting close friends and family who wish to empower and support the mother in her journey. We recommend serving wholesome and nutritional food following the ceremony to nourish the sisters and mother.

What is involved:

Once booked you will receive an outlay of the ceremony, an invitation template to send you your guests with every thing they will need to know included.

The host will arrive at the designated time to prepare and set up, this will include cleansing the space, setting up the circle with a crystal and flower mandala and preparing the birthing mother.

The host will guide the blessingway by opening with a meditation, leading the circle, chanting, breathing and closing with a group meditation healing. 

Although this is a sacred ceremony it is open to everyone who is willing to love and support the mother in a positive way. The ceremony is super relaxed, welcoming and really a beautiful event you will remember forever. 

What is included:

  • Flowers and crystals for the mandala 
  • Sacred gift for each guest
  • Blessing pack for mother including a piece of eat, poem, crystal and essential oil mist. 


$44 per person

Minimum 6 guests